I am an illustrator and teacher from North London with roots in the coast of North West Spain. I am a lover of wildlife, bright colours and breton stripes.


I like to make people smile and spread a bit of joy with my silly illustrations. I work quickly, with lashing of colour, often on three or four things at once; I'm incredibly impatient and easily distracted. I've recently ventured into digital art, as it is quite kind to someone who finds it excruciating waiting for layers of watercolour to dry. If you'd like to see these experiments head over to www.VictoriaDraws.com, or have a look at my instagram feed https://www.instagram.com/victojeiro/


I did try being a serious artist, but it didn't suit me and just stressed me out. So now I illustrate whatever I want. I hope you like my artwork, but it wouldn't change much if you didn't.


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